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PDM Motorworks was born out of a love for cars, those fire breathing chariots of freedom that express who we are as individuals. Sports cars, muscle cars, cruisers, trucks, sedans, coupes, hardtops, T-tops, convertibles, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, 4×4’s, inline 4, V-8, Flatheads, 350’s, 396’s, 455’s, HEMI, LS, 2-barrell, 4-barrell, TBI, EFI, the options and variations are almost endless, and generally your pocketbook is the only limiting factor. 

We, here at PDM, have had a passion for the twisted steel and sex appeal since we were old enough to hold a wrench. It is our passion for cars that drives our dedication and attention to detail to the look and functionality of your beloved automobile.

Several decades of experience in the automotive repair and race industry have provided PDM with the knowledge and experience to repair and restore vehicles from every era and from every corner of the globe, from Ford’s Model T rolling off the assembly line in 1913, through the works of art built in the 30’s and 40’s, the raw power of the muscle car era, to the more practical machines of today. PDM is dedicated to bringing your dream car back to life or getting you into the one you’ve wanted since you were a kid.

We are a veteran owned business, located in Culpeper, VA, serving the entire automotive community.